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A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania with a BSE, Philip Yanni is credited with founding three software companies and CEO of two.

Most recently as CEO/CTO the software company leveraged a well-planned exit strategy and a 17 percent EBITDA into a very successful liquidity event. These achievements were based on product focus and extremely effective financial management. The successful leadership of a rapidly growing start-up is never easy, but extensive use of forecasting models was used to project performance and cash flow while enabling tight controls on all costs.

Yanni’s experience as an entrepreneur includes discovering markets for existing products and developing new products that fit between the seams of existing markets.

Previous companies were made successful by maximizing the use of knowledge integration techniques. Combining the disparate expertise of a wide range of individuals with a software system that had unique capabilities resulted in a long-life product offering; ten years later, it still leads the marketplace.

Yanni continues to expand his horizons as a systems architect in the global aerospace and defense market and maintains his personal passion for the global automotive industry.

After earning his BS in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Southern California, James Bennett decided building aircraft was more of a challenge than flying them.

Bennett completed his masters on a scholarship to Mississippi State University’s Raspet Flight Research Laboratory and focused on ultrasonic analysis of composite materials using robotics. He went directly into the defense field and quickly became a leader in unmanned systems with responsibilities ranging across aircraft, control stations, vehicles, sensors, communications, and software to plans, budgets, and proposals.

Bennett’s continued successes saw him grow him into a global business leader leveraging his background that now includes manned aircraft, avionics, optics, space, software products, simulation tools, and augmented reality.

He is viewed as corporate turnaround specialist with an ability to quickly improve underperforming business units. He has led the negotiation of intellectual property agreements with major technology firms, established international business/government agreements, lead successful $100M+ proposals, and driven both capital improvements and long-term purchase agreements. He leads through team inclusion, empowerment, and innovation while relying on proven fundamentals such as long-term strategic and financial plans.

Bennett’s steadfast focus on customer engagement has allowed the businesses he has led to maintain long-term operating success and profitability. Bennett is passionate about learning through new business challenges.